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Arles merino
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Dorper is a fast growing meat producing sheep, who sheds its own wool and therefore does not need shearing.

In the breeding of Dorper, the local fat-tailed sheep, the blackhead Persian sheep and Dorset horn were used. The second strand of breeding entailed the breeding of previously mentioned breeds with merino, which produced more white variations. The blackhead and white Dorper were developed. All of that took place in South Africa, which is the homeland of the breed.

Although it was bred in South-Africa, the breed has now proved that it can survive both the cold winters of Canada, the dampness of England as well as the arid conditions of Australian. By our experience, dorper can well withstand Estonian wet and cool conditions and perform on our natural grasslands.

Dorper is an easy-care sheep. It is not as selective in terms of food as other fast growing breeds and is fertile independent of the season. Dorper puts up well with bloodsucking bugs and is more resistant to diseases compared to other meat sheep.

Dorper does not require shearing. It sheds its characteristically self-changing coat when the weather gets warmer. We try to breed more hairy-type animals which are more resistant to our cold winters.

Rams weigh mostly 80-100kg, ewes 65-75kg. It has high fertility and maternal qualities. Its meat is high quality and it has a muscular rump. Their sturdy and elastic hide is highly appreciated by the makers of leather products.

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