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We started breeding sheep in 2006 using Estonian breeds. Unfortunately the local breeds did not fulfill our expetations so we started to look abroad for other breeds. In 2014 we imported our first Lleyn sheep from UK and the Netherlands. Hallimäe farm was the first Lleyn breeding farm in Estonia.

In the later years we´ve imported more high quality ewes and rams from the Lleyn breeders in England and Wales. As we have also imported different breeds of sheep from France and Germany, we have quite a lot experience to help arranging export/import. 

As Lleyn is a new breed in Estonia and therefore our flock consists of imported sheep and their offsprings then we quarantee 100% ARR/ARR genotype. That means that all our sheep are eligible for export.

Biosecurity is a major issue in our farm. Therefore all the imported animals have made it through a strict quarantine held by the best specialists in Estonia. Thaks to the 4-week quarantines we have minimized the risk of importing diseases. 

The sheep in Hallimäe farm are MV accredited.

Hallimäe farm is fully organic. Our sheep are grazed on the pastures in Karula National park from May to October. Due to our rough climate the animals stay in barn almost half a year when there´s no plant growth. They eat hay and haylage during staying in barn. Their diet also includes minerals.

The best overwiew of the Lleyn sheep you´ll find from the homepage of Lleyn Sheep Society Our flock is a member of the Society in UK (flock no. 02641). We´re also members of Estonian Sheep and Goat Breeders Association that holds EU accepted Lleyn breeding programme in Estonia. So all our rams are inspected, valued and certificated by the specialist in Estonia.

Our experience with Lleyn assures that:

  • the ewes really do have a strong mothering instinct - they really do take care of their offsprings from the moment of birth. None of our Lleyns have deserted their newborns in our flock. 
  • the lambing is really easy - and this is really the major advantage with the breed.
  • they are prolific - we´we reached 1,85 lambs per ewe in our farm.
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